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Failing Dental Implants - Annandale, VA

Having Trouble with Your Dental Implants? We Can Help.

Treatments for Failing Dental Implants

You’ve invested time and money into your new smile. Now that you’re faced with the idea of failing dental implants due to peri-implantitis or inaccurate placement, you’re worried you’ll have to go through the process of losing your teeth all over again. Dental implants usually fail due to infection (peri-implantitis), lack of bone support, sinus perforation, or improper installation during the initial surgery. If not corrected, adjacent teeth and implants can also suffer.

Our periodontal specialists have over two decades of experience and is the perfect resource to have on your side. With over 20 years of experience, periodontal experts Drs. William Wang and Thomas Lin have placed thousands of dental implants and assisted referring dentists throughout all of Northern Virginia. If bone loss or peri-implantitis is a concern, our facility is equipped with the resources necessary to prevent and avoid implant loss at all costs. Dental implants are designed to last for life. But when trouble like peri-implantitis puts you at risk for failing dental implants, only a specialist can help.

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Dr. William Wang Discusses Peri Implantitis And Gentle Laser Gum Treatment

Common Causes of Failing Dental Implants

Dental implants have an extremely high success rate (near 98%) making them one of the least likely restorative procedures to fail. However, complicated cases involving bone loss or inexperience on the part of the dentist placing them may predispose implants to fail in some cases. Home care and daily maintenance are another huge factor, as implants can become compromised due to a lack of adequate brushing and flossing.

  • Infection such as peri-implantitis
  • Lack of oral hygiene
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  • Perforation of the sinus cavity
  • Lack of bone support
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When to See Our Annandale, VA Periodontists

As soon as you or your current dental provider suspect that there is a problem with your newly placed dental implants, we recommend schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. We can asses your unique situation and create a treatment plan to help save your dental implant investment. In some cases, we can treat infection with minimally invasive laser therapy, or may need to replace your implant. No matter the cause or treatment path we take, you can be assured our years of periodontal and implant dentistry experience can help you keep your implants for life.

Find Out How We Can Help

You’ve already suffered from tooth loss and now you’re faced with the complication of failing dental implants. Seeing our periodontal specialist in Annandale, VA could change that.