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Why Choose a Periodontist? Annandale, VA

When The Lifelong Integrity of Your Smile is at Stake, Entrust it to our Experienced Periodontist

Advantages of Seeing a Periodontal Specialist

Some types of dental conditions require the care of an experienced specialist to ensure the best possible outcome, especially in regard to preventing tooth loss. Dr. William Wang is a  periodontist known for his dedication to patients and incorporation of innovative techniques that promise minimally-invasive and efficient treatments. When certain oral health complications extend past the point of being within a family dentist’s scope of care, they call on specialists like Dr. Wang and Dr. Lin to provide a high level of precision for treatments like gum grafting, periodontal therapy, soft tissue recontouring, and surgical dental implant placement.

Some patients continue to see us for their recurring periodontal maintenance appointments, alternating visits between our specialty clinic and cleanings at their general dentist’s office. Choosing a periodontist is a smart investment when it comes to maintaining the stability and health of teeth impacted by gum disease and bone loss.

Our Annandale, VA periodontists have over 20 years of experience and are widely-respected by the Northern Virginia dental community.

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For Healthy Gum Tissue & Bone, You Should Be Seen By An Expert Periodontist

What is a Periodontist?

Periodontists are specialists when it comes to treating and managing the supporting (gum and bone) structures around the teeth. After dental school, they complete an additional 2-3 years of formal training and surgical residencies focused solely on periodontal health. This unique education allows periodontists like Drs. Wang and Lin to perform successful and efficient treatments in even the most complex of cases. 

Your Annandale, VA Gum Health Experts

Periodontists, Dr. William Wang and Dr. Thomas Lin, has over two decades of experience caring for patients and educating other peers in the field. A lifelong learner, Dr. Wang consistently implements the most advanced techniques and strategies to provide our patients with gentle, predictable results. We don’t recommend any type of treatment that we wouldn’t want for one of our own family members.

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