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Advanced Gum Disease Treatments Offer Gentler, More Effective Results

“I’m Able To Take Care Of My Gums Now After My Successful Gum Disease Treatment” -Christine

Gum Disease Treatment in Annandale, VA

For more than 20 years Dr. Wang has been one of the leading periodontal specialists in Northern Virginia. Respected by his peers and an educator to other dentists in the field, Dr. Wang has a deep understanding and approach to addressing various stages of gum disease, including the way they personally affect our patients. Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and innovative techniques to eliminate gum disease infection, Dr. Wang and Dr. Lin are able to provide comprehensive solutions such as laser gum surgery, osseous (bone) surgery, scaling & root planing, and periodontal maintenance visits to avoid relapse. Each care plan is specifically designed to meet the unique oral health and overall wellness needs of our individual patients.
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Dr. William Wang Discusses The Types Of Gum Disease and Gentle Laser Gum Therapy

Health Conditions Linked to Gum Disease

Laser gum disease therapy offers a minimally invasive and therapeutic alternative to more aggressive periodontal treatments.

  • Diabetes
  • Pneumonia
  • Infertility (men and women)
  • Preeclampsia
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  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Types of Periodontal Therapies

Treating necrotic tissues with state-of-the-art laser technology improves healing and shortens recovery times.

A traditional approach to treating gum disease, osseous surgery involves gently cutting back gum tissue to access diseased areas below the gumline.

“Deep cleanings” designed to remove calcified tartar and plaque biofilm from the root surfaces of teeth suffering from periodontal infections.

Healthy Teeth vs. Gum Disease

Treating the soft tissues around a tooth can improve stability, prevent mobility, and extend the life of your smile. Eliminating active gum infections allows us to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. Our doctors are highly experienced periodontal experts that takes multiple facets of your situation into account prior to planning treatment. From your personal experiences and medical needs to your level of comfort, we strive to help our patients enjoy healthier lives and more confident smiles. Improving the condition of your gums can leave a lasting impact on your total-body health.

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Gum Disease Treatment Before and After

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“Keeping My Natural Teeth With Gum Disease Treatment Has Been My Success Story”


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