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Soft Tissue Recontouring - Annandale, VA

Gummy Smile? Soft Tissue Recontouring Enhances the Appearance And Visibility of Healthy Teeth

Treatments for “Gummy Smiles”

Our gingiva (gums) are designed to gently wrap around each tooth, creating a scalloped contour across our smile. But when too much tissue exists, it can limit the amount of tooth structure that’s visible. As a result, it can cause gummy smiles or significant cosmetic concerns. Thankfully, soft tissue recontouring with the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser offers fast aesthetic results with very little discomfort. The minimally invasive technology provides immediate and precise soft tissue recontouring with no sutures or downtime for our Annandale, VA patients.

Adjusting the contour and margins of your gum tissue gives your teeth the perfect “frame” for the smile you’re aiming to achieve.

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When to Consider Soft Tissue Recontouring or Crown Lengthening

  • Teeth appear “short”
  • Uneven gumlines
  • Too little tooth structure is available for a crown
  • You see more gums than teeth when you smile
  • Gingival overgrowth, due to prescription medications
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Fast Results

  • Minimally invasive laser treatments
  • Predictable outcomes
  • No recovery time
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Improved Aesthetics

  • Natural contours that look healthy
  • No more “gummy smile”
  • Consistent gum borders throughout your mouth
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Beneficial to Your Oral Health

  • Better access for restorative treatments
  • Preserve your natural teeth
  • Easier home care

Before and After Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is normally used around severely worn or eroded teeth that require a restorative crown (“cap”,) but have too little tooth structure visible above the gumlines. Rather than extracting the tooth, our periodontists can use a soft tissue laser to gently recontour the gums and enhance the amount of tooth structure that is exposed. As a result, it’s possible to place a crown over the affected tooth, extending its function for several more years. Traditional crown lengthening typically involves minor surgery, but thanks to advanced laser technology, we’re able to complete the process in a more precise and comfortable manner.

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