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Soft Tissue Grafting Restores the Contours of Shrinking Gumlines

After Suffering With Severe Gum Recession, We Saved My Tooth With a Gum Graft” -Renee

Treatments for Gum Recession

In an ideal, healthy environment, our gum tissues fully cover the root surfaces of each tooth, framing the natural crown. This design results in a scalloped appearance from one side of the mouth to the other. But when gum recession occurs, the gumlines pull away from the crown, leaving the root exposed. Thanks to gum grafting, we’re able to correct the effects of gum recession and re-cover delicate areas exposed to external environments they were not designed for. Depending on the location and extent of the gum recession, we can perform traditional soft tissue gum grafting or a more minimally invasive tunneling technique. The latter offers immediate results with little to no recovery time after the appointment. Gingival tunneling utilizes the natural gum tissues next to the tooth, gently pulling them taught over the root almost like a blanket, rather than grafting new gum tissues into place. Gum grafting is used to cover and protect surfaces of the teeth that have been exposed due to gum recession and/or periodontal disease.
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Gum recession is a serious condition that needs the close supervision of a dental professional.

Do I Have Receding Gumlines?

Gum recession occurs when the natural margin of the gingival tissue creeps further down the root of a tooth, usually due to conditions such as periodontal disease, tooth misalignment, trauma, or aggressive toothbrushing. You may need to consider gum grafting if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms.

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Recently treated periodontal disease
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  • Exposed tooth surfaces
  • “Long” teeth

Periodontal Specialist Dr. William Wang Can Help

Annandale, VA periodontists, Drs. William Wang and Thomas Lin, have over 20 years of experience in management and treatment of oral soft tissue anomalies and gum grafting techniques. Although leader among their peers, our doctors pride themselves most importantly on treating each of our patients the same they would a close member of his family. For those patients nervous or fearful about their gum grafting procedure, we offer sedation options to allow you to receive the care you need in a relaxing, comfortable state.

The Proof is in our patients

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Reduce Your Symptoms and Improve Your Health

Your soft tissue gum grafting procedure will help you to reduce sensitivity, the risk of root-surface cavities, and improve
aesthetics of your smile.